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North Texas reptile expos?

Dirkthejerk41 said:
Does anyone know what expos will be in North Texas this year??
Bit of a drive on that one(For me at least), but would be cool to check it out.

aug 10-11

may 18-19
yeah It really was.... There was hardly any lizard selection, aside from leopards and cresteds! Although, one stand did have some very cool monitors.


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In the years I've lived in Texas - Houston to be exact, I've never gone to any reptile expos here.
I mean, the NARBC was really cool. It was the first expo i've ever been to, so I was impressed. Got my gu there too :). I then got my Spider BP at lonestar expo.


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Narbc used to be awesome but it's goin more and more to bps recently used to you could walk out with a CBB black and white for like 75$ lol