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Opinions on best feeder insects for tegus?

So what are everyone's opinions on the best options for feeder insects? I wouldn't mind hearing what everyone's diet is for their tegus young or old and recommendations are fine as well I'd love to hear those as well. So far I have a hearty cricket colony and mealworms and a dwindling supply of Dubai roaches, I put mine in a separate enclosure for feeding mostly except for occasional treats that i do feed by hand despite warnings (they seem to be able to tell the difference so far and they show restraint when accepting food from hand so I'm good with it) anyway I let them eat until they begin to slow down on the insects and then I give them a piece of chicken heart or quail egg until they're full, I try to switch up the insects to get a feel for which ones seem to fill them up the fastest and for the longest and which ones they seem to like most in general. They're very hearty eaters. I want to introduce them to fruits and veggies early on, I understand with mine being so young that they'll lean more towards meat and insects but I at least would like to have it in their life as an option. Any fruits and veggies the young ones are known to be particularly fond of? Oh and what are some opinions on dog food for tegus? I've seen that some people feed theirs dogfood, I probably wouldn't personally unless it was an occasional treat that I found out was fine for them. But what does everyone else think of it


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All 3 of those are good, I'd say whatever you have the best supply of. When you make their staple food a whole prey item, and the insects become supplementary, it will be easier on your colonies too. They tend to not like veggies too much on their own, those need to be mixed with ground meat. But fruits they will love: check out the master list here to see everything you can get.


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I feed my tegus a mixture of ground turkey and chicken livers and hearts with greens and fruits mixed in. And u dust it with calcium and multivitamin and fish oil before I give it to them. I give them Dunia roaches as kind of a treat and I'm gonna try horn worms next time I see some nice juicy ones for sale.

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