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? Painting inside pvc enclosure, yes or no?


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Hello all I am a new tegu owner and am currently building my guy his forever home. It's a 8x4x4 closed cell pvc sheet board enclosure. I want to paint the inside walls with black spray paint but not sure what kind to use. Everything i looked up says acrylic based paint. Anybody out there used spray paint on pvc and have input. Thanks


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This is strictly opinion, but I don't see a problem with paint, as long as it is no longer fresh, or has an odor. I have never used it though. Acrylic based paint is probably one of the most non-toxic ....I think.


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When painted some custom rock structures awhile back for my crested geckos I also was also wondering this and the only thing that I kept seeing was to cover it with a good layer of acrylic clear coat after painting. this would seal everything in, make it water proof and safe for the animal.


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I'm thinking a tegu's nails might be able to scratch spray paint off of pvc though... Try the clear coat as mentioned above, maybe that will help
Maybe Krylon spray paint. It dries nontoxic and can be used on plastic. I think the trick to getting it to stick would be to rough up the surface with course sand paper before painting