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Poss' future owner here, got some questions


New Member
Hello everyone! I'm planning to get a baby extreme giant tegu in 2019 but have a few questions regarding care/feeding for them. I have worked with tegus before but have never owned one(I've also worked and owned over 100 species over 14 years so I'm no beginner to reptile keeping)
1) I really want an extreme giant but how much does one usually cost? Are they easy to find? (I'm in Canada)
2) I'm planning for a 12'x4'x5' (LxWxH) custom viv with 1ft deep soil for digging and a large/deep water dish (like a large cat litter tray). I plan for maybe 3 or 4 halogen flood bulbs over a basking sight and a couple large UV strip bulbs. Would that suffice for a extreme giant?
3) what's the best diet, including portions, for a baby to an adult extreme giant? Do you reccomend hand feeding or tong feeding?
4) what's their temper like? Are they like normal argentine B&W's where they will be like giant puppies if tamed/trained properly?
5) are they easily trained? Ex: if I wanted to train my tegu to poop in one spot in its viv or to not poop/pee on people, would that be possible?
6) are they good for taking outside often? It's only really warm enough for a tegu here for 2 or 3 months each year and I'd like to use that to my advantage to take him outside, weather it be in the backyard or to a park, to get some natural sun and fresh air.
7) is it possible to sex babies? I'd like to have a male but if I get a female that's alright.
8) any tips for a first time owner? I'd love all the tips and tricks I can get as I want to make sure I know everything I can before getting one myself.

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