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Red or B&W Argentine Tegu

I am looking to get a tegu between one of these to species, I am wondering which one to get. I have researched both a lot and I can't decide because I like them both any suggestions?

Mich lady

Active Member
I own a black and white and he is wonderful. He is about 43 inches nose to tip of tail. I prefer black and whites. Also they have less skin problems as reds are notorious for skin problems and shed problems. And btw, Rodney Irwin from Irwin Island has tge best black and whites. All ages and sizes. All healthy and happy


New Member
Our red is healthy and happy. As said elsewhere on this forum, you need to watch their humidity levels carefully to avoid shed issues. They're incredibly responsive to interaction though. So worth it.


New Member
I own a blue and a red. The red has given me fits with shedding. Unless the red will have a lot of humidity, I would go with the Argentine.