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Repticon! With pictures :)

Hey guys! Today was repticon so I decided to take pictures for your viewing pleasure. There were tegu's but I picked up a baby RTB (for a friend) and a male sub-adult Iguana. Along with some new UVB and heat bulbs.[attachment=4667][attachment=4666][attachment=4665][attachment=4664][attachment=4663][attachment=4662][attachment=4661][attachment=4660][attachment=4659][attachment=4658][attachment=4657][attachment=4656][attachment=4655]



New Member
Ductape croc makes me sad... I know it's for the safety of the people. Such a powerful and majestic creature.
However, love the other shots :) We don't have these kind of events in the UK


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5 Year Member
That's rather inhumane to ductape an animals mouth shut, leave it on a cold tile floor for an entire day, and introduce people to "take a picture on him". Not a good face for the reptile industry and I'm surprised they allowed it at what I've heard is a respected show.