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Road trip with my tegu


New Member
My 8 month old boy is currently brumating, but I may have to move out of my apartment while he's down. I'm moving across the country within the next month or two, so he'll have to be in the car for about a week, maybe more. I've got a mini generator so I can run his lights as usual and I'm going to get him a temporary enclosure for the trip. I'm thinking a small grow tent with just enough space to create a temperature gradient since he's only about 20 inches long. Of course, whether or not he's still sleeping at the time will determine a lot of what I have to do to keep him comfortable. I have other pets as well, so I'll be stopping multiple times a day for potty/food/exercise breaks, and if my tegu is awake, I'll let him roam around in his play pen at a park or something so he doesn't get bored. If he’s going to be awake, hopefully I can find a ferret harness that fits him for some extra peace of mind.

Am I missing anything? Anything I should prepare for, watch out for, any tips at all? Or am I overthinking this and he literally won’t even notice the difference? Lol

Thanks in advance!

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