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Struggling with behaviour


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Hi! I’ve had Jupiter for just under a year now and I’m still having the same issues. I really hoped it would mellow out but after being nipped again I think it’s time I make a forum because I’m so worried that I’m failing as a tegu owner.

I really hoped I would get a docile tegu I even paid more than the average price for a regular B/W Tegu here because I wanted to see the tegu in person before buying them. Sadly she was the only one left so not only did I get a girl when I was hoping for a boy, I got Miss Grumpy. Ofcourse all of this could very much be issues caused by myself.

First is she’s a lunger and I’ve been nipped once because of it (head thrash and all.) Whenever she thinks I have food she jumps from one side of the enclosure to the other. She’ll do it if I’m just spot cleaning too. I’ve heard bowl feeding helps with this so I am trying to do that.

Secondly she has these energy spikes where she is jumping around her enclosure (8x4) and trying to claw at the glass. At first I thought this might have been because of her temporary set up but it’s still going on when she was upgraded to the 8ft. I’ve checked the temperatures too.

Personality wise you would think she’s a monitor, she very much ‘just tolerates.’ I would not say it’s fear because she will very much climb on me if I open the enclosure but if I try to touch her, Jupiter is gone. She doesn’t like me touching her and has started to swing back on herself, not sure if it’s annoyance or her wanting food but she’s not an adult but she is getting to the size where a bite is risky. The reason I finally wrote this thread is because she climbed on me, just looked around then bit my toe.

Starting to think I’m not cut out of this.


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how old is she? Eventually I’m sure she will calm down but she might be bored my tegu often jumps around the cage when he wants outs- he also for some reason doesn’t like to poo in his cage and will jump around until I let him out so he can poo outside the cage. But target training could be a good idea they are very smart and begin to associate the target with food. My tegu also seemed to tolerate pets when I first got them as he would allow it but sometimes huff or turn away rn when touched but with time and consistency he doesn’t really seem bothered by it now.

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