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substrate question


New Member
guys I have a question. The humidity is not good where I keep my regular enclosure . So I use a humidifier/fogger . My question is can it be to wet in the enclosure . She uses her whole enclosure but she usual stays near her basking spot where its a little dryer . So what I'm asking is can it be to moist or is the moister good ? She's coming up on 3 months now .


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I think moist is fine. If you can pick up substrate and squeeze it and have water come out, that is too wet. That means there is standing water at the bottom and will get yucky (you can also dig down to the bottom and see if its collecting water). If the only way to maintain humidity in the enclosure is to input that much water, then you have a ventilation issue - less ventilation (side ventilation, not top) will help hold moisture without needing standing water/ sopping wet substrate.


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Look for balance between hu.idity and air movement.Stale air kills.


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Thank you . I think the problem is I have to much air flow but she's getting big fast. So I'm gonna be getting her something bigger soon . I'm gonna build it so I could give it all the bells and whistles