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Substrate questions.


Hey everyone. I am trying to figure out how to make the lightest weight substrate possible. I am actually going to go off darrow's enclosure ideas. This enclosure would be in my bedroom which is above the basement.

I wanted to figure out how to make sure this is safe to do.

So I found out for 64cubic feet of topsoil which is enough to fill up a 8x4 with a 24 inch depth would weigh around 6,000lbs+

However.... I found out that the same cubic feet of peat moss (wet weight) would be around 4,600lbs+? Still way too much weight.

So checked for 32 cubic feet (which is just half the height) it would be around 2,310lbs?

So I am wondering how can I make all of this lighter? I really want to go bioactive as well so I am trying to go with the least amount of weight I can do.

I am trying to keep the structure/foundation of the enclosure really strong, while keeping the rest really lightweight. ....

Any tips and tricks?

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