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Tail shed issues

Maxwell Green

New Member
Hey guys my boy Zeus has been having tail shed issues and I'm worried with him acting like he's going to sleep soon that it could be problematic for him. His temps and humidity are watched regularly. And his shed of his body, legs and head all explode on each shed.. his tail is always last and usually takes a good soak and a little oil rubbed on after for it to come off. His last 2 sheds his tail hasn't shed. And I have tried a few things now with long baths and even some shed aid my vet friend recommended trying just from a light talk over the game we play together online. When he soaks his tail does go soft and you can see the top layer is very softened but it does not release. I've tried to rub/massage it and even tried brushing a little. it will flake individual scales but won't fully let go. I just worry if it could cause problems during brumation. Just looking for some good shed advice.

Max and Zeus


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New Member
I had the same problem when mine was younger. He first went into shed, then it all came off except for his tail. Right after that he went into hibernation. When he woke up he started going into shed again, so now he has 2 layers on his tail. Que anxiety...

I basically just did everything you've been doing and brushing his tail with a soft toothbrush.i would do this in the tub for a while then take him out and rub vitamin a&d ointment all over it. I did this 3 times a week for about 2 weeks then it all started to loosen up.

When it all came off it was in pieces. Not exactly what you wanna see from a shed. His skin was fine though, and his next shed was a breeze.

I probably didn't need to be as worried as I was. Just keep doing what you're doing and be gentle and patient.