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Taming / Free Roam questions

Discussion in 'Black and White Tegu Discussion' started by realwomenfightnaked, May 3, 2016.

  1. realwomenfightnaked

    realwomenfightnaked New Member

    May 3, 2016
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    I posted on reddit but people told me I would have more luck here!

    Hey guys so I'm getting a B&W Tegu at the end of June, I'm studying to be an exotic vet so my animal's quality of life is VERY important to me. I want to be able to free roam my Tegu once hes large enough since my house is fairly large I have a plan but just want to run it by you guys and see if I'm doing it right and get some questions answered! Hes going to be my only pet and will live in Washington State

    so far the plan is:
    As a baby keep him in an cage and free roaming ONLY when supervised

    Once he starts getting a little larger i'll let him free roam in one room of the house un-supervised (no cage at this point but instead with a cozy little spot for him to sleep in) and when hes supervised or with baby gates I will let him explore other areas of the house

    and finally once hes hit a size I feel is safe enough for him not to get hurt or lost I will let him free roam normally thru the entire house with his own spot to sleep in

    my questions are these

    Taming: I see videos on how to get him out of the cage as a baby and build trust by letting him use your hand as a means to get out but how am I going to put him back IN after the handling is over? I dont want to be chasing him down the room and breaking that trust, do I just wait till he climbs on me and then stand up and bring him back?

    Cage: As a baby he will need a cage, I dont want to shell out hundreds for a cage he wont be in forever, so if theres a cheap alternative please let me know and what size do I need? He will not free roam till hes about the size of a full grown bearded dragon

    Free Roaming: What setup should I provide for my lizard to retire too? Doggy bed with heating pad, humidifier and heatlamp? Ive seen that lizard Mcgyver used some sort of hard pad and a moist towel

    thanks guys and wish me luck also drop some tips into here id love any advise

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