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Taming red / possible brumation


So I bought a hatchling Argentine red from a breeder in October . Breeder said he was born in late September .

My setup

  1. 72 gallon aquarium with 3" coconut substrate
  2. Two hides... One half hollow log at the cool end and an enclosed cave with a shirt in it on the basking end.
  3. Both sides of the tank have a mercury vapor/ceramiv heater combo .
    1. The basking side is 114° day and 87°night .
    2. The cool side is 87° day 80° night
    3. The mercury vapor UVB bulbs are on a 12-12 on/off timer .
    4. Ceramic heaters are always on
  4. I also have a zoo med 2 gallon terrarium fogger .
My problem deals with socialization and not eating .

Diogi (his name ) seems to spend almost ALL of his time in the substrate . I left him alone for the first 2 months, but then started to dig him up to handle / socializr (I read it was okay to dig them up during sunlight hours somewhere on here .

He's gotten better. He used to go bats**t crazy and freak out if you tried to pick him up . Now it's just something he "tolerates". He'll sit on my hand for a bit but then start walking down my arm as if looking for an escape.


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Be patient..... It took me about 4 months before I could even get Alpha out his viv without any commotion and he still won't sit with me for long before he starts putting his escape plan into action.

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