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Tegu is not growing/growing really slow

Joshua Wu

New Member
My tegu is around a year old and he is tiny. When I bought him he was 50 grams but did not have any green on his head. I have had him for almost 1 year , and now he is only 250grams I live in Hong Kong and the temperature is always high, but he hasn’t been eating during the winter times, he has started eating now for over a month. He still hasn’t grown at all and is stuck at 250 grams for over a few months. Before he is eating a mixture of turkey, chicken, chicken hearts, beef, lamb etc etc, mainly chicken. Some people I know recommended that i feed him mice, I have now been feeding him hoppers (with fur)around 5-10 grams each. I have fed him 1 of this every 2-3 days and nothing else(he only had appetite for one hopper each meal) for around 1-2 months, so around 20 hoppers total, and he still hasn’t grown a single gram. I use coconut soil which is wet all the time, he also has proper lighting and a rock to bask on. Right now I’m thinking parasites. Any other suggestions? Here is a photo of him


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Feed him as much as he'll take in 10 min. 110f bask, low 80s F ambient, and a 70s F hide. Cime winter cool him down.