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Tegu occasionally lunges at wife but never me


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We have a beautiful black and white male tegu (we have two, the other is a baby blue ice). We got him about 5 months ago, he is 2.5 years old. The previous owner did a hmgood job at socializing him, but they couldn't dedicate the time he needed. Originally he was thought to be a she and was having prolapse issues. We took "her" to the vet and he had 4 different bacterial infections and hookworms. He went through treatment and survived. It was a pretty scary moment in time. Despite him being quarantined in a separate part of the house, our Ackie monitor ended up catching the infection and respite receiving the same treatment, she died from it.

He is potty trained (he kind of trained himself as he refuses to poop in his enclosure), so we take him outside on a leash for him to use the bathroom every morning. We feed him primarily reptilinks, which he loves, with the occasional variance in the form of fresh meat/fruit/vegetables.

He point of the background was to add some insight for a request for help. He isn't aggressive or defensive, he is very docile and seems to genuinely love spending time with us. We will let him roam around the house (specific rooms are blocked off so he can only be in areS that we deem safe) when we are home and able to keep an eye on him. He seems to really like head scratches and all of the pets. We give him occasional earm showers in the bathtub as he seems to really enjoy the water. All of this is to explain how very docile and sweet he is the majority of the time.

He only bit me once and that was when we had to give him medicine the first time, it wasn't a bad bite, just a warning of annoyance. However, he will occasionally lunge at my wife. She has a great relationship ship with him as well and he will frequently climb onto the couch to to lay on her when we are giving him time outside of his enclosure. He only seems to do it in the morning before work, after she has eaten cereal and always at her right wrist. This morning, he lunged at her, I picked him up and he calmed down and licked my face. I put him on the couch and he plopped down for a bit. Then he walked over to her, laid down beside her and after some time, lunged at her wrist again, this was some time after she ate, washed her hands, etc.

Any ideas as to why he would do this? I'm guessing it might be food related but it has always happened after he has eaten in the morning and he refuses the rest of his food.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any insight you might have.

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