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Tegu stuck shed


Ash usually always sheds good her tail and face usually last an rn she’s having some trouble shedding here tail about 4-5 inches of stuck shed . Her humidity and 70-80% at all times her basking spot and everything are good so idk what could be the issue she was congested and finally poope today idk if that will help


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I just ordered betadine and chlorhexadine to use on my adult male. His tail has been stuck for months. Soaks haven't worked for me. I do believe the oils have to be beneficial. Tried the Vita-B Complex too. I think it may be constipating him, so I've had to discontinue it. Someone talked about soaking in the Betadine, so I'm going that direction for now. I noticed that the chlorhexadine was a similar disinfectant and will try that too. "Shed-ease" didn't work at all. It's mostly aloe vera with some glycerin. I noticed no difference after several soaks.