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The right amount of handling?


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Hello everyone.

I have a Golden Tegu named Argo who is less than a year old and I could use some handling tips. I've gotten some conflicting information and I want to make sure I'm doing things right. I've been told they need to be handled every day so they get used to you. I don't unbury him but when he's out I'll take him out of his enclosure. I'll keep him out for a while and let him hang out in my shoulder or he will climb up in my head by himself and look around. If he gets on the floor he runs under the couch and usually I'll go after him (which is quite an ordeal). But today when he jumped off my shoulder and ran under the couch I let him go. I can see his head as he watches me from his hiding place and I know he's safe, but I still worry.

Should I be handling him less? More? Should I let him explore while I watch or would it be best but to let him down while he's still smallish? I'm new to tegus and I want the absolute best for him.


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