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Will I kill him?


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This is my first "winter" with my first Tegu. I've been reading up on hibernation and am having some concerns.

My Tegu started slowing down a bit and wasn't as Hungry. So on Oct 5th (exactly 14 days ago) I stopped feeding him and gradually started getting the temps down in his cage and allowing less lighting time.

At this point he hasn't eaten for 14 days, the heating lamps are completely off in his cage, the lighting is completely off in his cage, but he still gets fresh water.

As of now the nighttime temps are around 60F and daytime 70F based on my office temps. The humidity is at around 50.

My Tegu is "lazier" now but is still fairly active in his cage - he will move around and sometimes beg for food (he does this by clawing at the glass).

So my question is; should I keep starving him and hoping he goes into hibernation? How long can he go without food (he is approximately 5 months old)? I feel like I may be killing him with starvation since he isn't going into hibernation!

Any advise will be great appreciated.

Also, any comments on what the humidity should be during hibernation?


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I wouldn't force him into hibernating. I'd return to normal settings making sure that the hide is under 80F. Let him tell you what he wants. At the very least you can shorten his daylength from 12 to nine. If he stays in his hide and isn't eating, you can slowly shut down everything, making sure that he can follow natural sunlight from a window somewhere.
Yeah ive yet to deal with hibernation, but from what Ive gathered, your gu will go into hibernation on his own. You shouldnt have to adjust your feeding for he should slow and stop his eating accordingly. I agree with Walters advice and think you should maintain your normal light schedule if hes still active.

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