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Worried Sick about my beardie

Worried sick about my breaded dragon Velcro. He's got an emergency vet trip later today at least.
Just suddenly on Sunday he wanted far less food, and yesterday refused to eat and, had undigested food in his waste, and was trying to throw up. Hopping its just parasites and nothing else. Still just worried. He's only four and half months old, and I've had him since June. Sweet little thing has been doing well up in tell then. There were no warning signs, and I know all of his heats and humidity are perfect. ( Yay for heat guns. )
Whelp, our vet was able to see Velcro literately the day after I called. He's a grade A vet . We got Velcro tested for parasties, he's got one of the normal parasites. so he's being treated for that, and he got a blood test, which everything but his white blood cell count came back normal. Its a little high, so we started him on antibiotic injections. The vet wanted to hit whatever it was hard and fast. He would have done oral, but someone recently lost their beardie, from not hitting the problem dead on. Hoping Velcro will eat today. We're getting him test for ADV in two weeks. Hopping he doesn't have it,

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