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  • AnimalNerd
    I'm getting a blue female in april and I'm super excited and also terrified haha. I've done a ton of research and my breeder has helped...
  • AnimalNerd
    AnimalNerd replied to the thread New owner!! Seeking advice….
    It never hurts to smuggle in veggies when you can although they definitely prefer insects and meat as babies. Gutloading your insects...
  • AnimalNerd
    AnimalNerd replied to the thread Cage help and new owner.
    Hi spot, a lot of your questions (substrate, temperatures, lighting) can be answered if you browse this forum and even Google. How old...
  • AnimalNerd
    AnimalNerd replied to the thread Tegu nudge, then bite.
    Tegus also use their mouths to explore/examine foreign objects (like your hand). My boy did this a few times as a baby out of curiosity...