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  1. chelvis

    Blue tegu doesn't have black nose

    Still pretty young, wait till it gets older before making that call.
  2. chelvis

    Large Decor???????

    This is what a lot of zoos use. Was thinking of getting a hollow for my two tegus and one for the caiman lizard. http://www.icwoodllc.com/aboutus.sc prices aren't too bad, but again always cheeper to do oneself.
  3. chelvis

    Blue tegus...Are they more skittish?

    Sorry been in hibernation mode. I have had a few blues and a few black and whites and I haven't seen any difference. My blue male is very cuddly, in fact when its cold out he will get out of his cage and cuddle in bad with me and the dogs.
  4. chelvis

    Blue tegus and hibernation

    All three of my blues are down this year. Some years they do and sometimes they don't, just like reds and black and whites.
  5. chelvis

    Seeking Moderators

    lol all the people I would nominate are already mods.
  6. chelvis

    DON'T LAUGH... breeding questions.

    There are many crosses out there between Reds, Blues and Arg Black and Whites (giants and normals). There are two way crosses (example: reds and blues) and three way crosses between all three. There was a topic not long ago about crosses that went into more detail, try searching for it. Arg...
  7. chelvis

    Accidental excretion Training?

    Many people have trained their tegus to us a litter box to help with this issue. Using a tub of warm water works to get tegus to poop and then let them free roam. I use unscented cat litter and have Bosco pretty well trained at it. As for using the Febreze as a training aid, I cannot say. I...
  8. chelvis

    Caiman Lizard Info

    Honestly they are not to hard to work with as long as they are feeding. Darwin is an amazing lizard (my second caiman lizard I lost Bacardi my first to a brain infection). A word to the wise, if you just want a display animals and something you can interact with (mine free roams when I am home...
  9. chelvis

    Blues anyone?

    There are a few babies on sale on kingsnake.com
  10. chelvis

    BLUE TEGU BEHAVIOR!! For All Blue Tegu Owners...

    Sounds like a young tegu. My two adult blues just gulp everything down now. They have to learn they don't have to really "kill" it to eat it. But I have seen this with baby reds, blues, golds and black and whites; have also seen it in quit a few monitors I've kept over the years.
  11. chelvis

    Is there a demand for hybrids?

    That is very true, some hybrids blow me away with the color and look, others are really drab looking.
  12. chelvis

    Is there a demand for hybrids?

    The only ones I really saw that seemed to go fast were the all american tegu (giant/red/blue cross). Honestly hybrids are a varied market. Some people love them others think they couldn't be created as it takes away from the pure population, much like designer breeds of dogs. It also changes...
  13. chelvis

    Anyone have info on this company

    Tegus only has WC Florida tegus. He has a permit to remove wild tegus from Florida and sell them. This alone means you run the risk of getting a sick or injured animal. There is also a good chance this animals will never tame down. The price is cheep and many people will buy them purely for...
  14. chelvis

    Can a tegu do fine without whole prey?

    I personally don't like given them too much Mazuri, lots of grains which most reptiles don't do a good job digesting and can cause an increase in gas. Even for the wolves we don't feed them just Mazuri, they get the kibble but also whole deer, whole cow, whole chicken... see where this is going.
  15. chelvis


    Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Bosco has and hasn't. He will slow down some years and then other years will eat through the winter. Haven't figured it out. Can keep the lights on the heat on and he still slows down and then the next will turn off lights and heat and he is up and...