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Hi! I’m new to Tegu talk and need some advice. I am planning to get an Argentine black and white tegu, but I’m not sure about my research. I was wondering how often do you feed a baby tegu (0-6 months) and a juvenile tegu (7-12 months) vegetation (fruits with some vegetables). I was also wondering in terms of feeders can I feed my tegu dubia roaches only.
Hey!! I know im a little late to respond, but hopefully its still relevant! Ur supposed to feed every 2/3 days, but until they come out of brumation they may be less hungry. Yes, also, you do need to feed more than just roaches. They need fruits, veggies, meats and all topped with calcium powder WITHOUT d3. Look up what foods are okay ALWAYS before adding a food to the plate.
For people looking for hatchlings in the US… RosecityreptilesTX is a good place to purchase. No scams 100% real he has a YouTube too so you can see what tegus have paired, They have all different tegus.