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hello there,
congratulations on your black & white argentine tegu. I got 2 of them back in March named Chompa & Tegoots-Rex. Initially, Tegoots-Rex settled in and started eating like a champion. Chompa took at least 2 months before she felt like home. Fast forward to December and Chompa is bigger than Tegoots-Rex lol.
Good luck, and a Happy Healthy New Year to you!
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That's awesome:)
Thanks yeah she is my third reptile ever.
Any tips would be appreciated
It sounds like you love your babies! I love my dragon but the love I have for my tegu is different. I really connect with him and I have a huge respect for him and I try to make sure he knows it. My fiancé and my little one are both jealous of my lizards, as I spend almost all my free time with them somewhere on my body lol I’m only a beginner when it comes to tegus though so I can always learn more!!! :)
They are awesome. I find the more you take them out to explore the more they adapt. I've noticed they've learned to use the bathroom outside their tanks the more they are out. I guess you can call that potty training a lizard . I'm sure your babies are in great hands.
Help! Making an appointment with a vet ASAP, but want opinions here. For the last few days my red guy has been aggressive and he seems “wobbly”. He tries to look around and his head starts swaying like he’s “drunk”. Then he starts freaking out. He’s right at a year old.