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My savannah monitor has clear snot coming from her nose. Her eyes are clear and she ate yesterday and I don't really see anything any different than normal. I live in central Florida and she is housed in a custom enclosure outside. She's been out there about a week and today is the firt time I've noticed anything of concern she is about 2-3 years old I believe. Could it be just a cold or something worse?? Help plz
Honestly respiratory issues can become a big deal quickly. If you have a good close exotic vet get her checked she made need an antibiotic.
Just brought home my 6 month old male from the reptile super show in Pomona CA. I have dart frogs, geckos and have had bearded dragons but am really looking forward to a more interactive intelligent reptile. Although a bit of trepidation mostly excitement.
I've been a herpeculturist I decided to roll the dice and get a Golden Tegu. Fast as hell, nippy, flies out to give me a heart attack. honestly he's a bit scary. Any good training n g tips or suggestions would be a huge help and greatly appreciated.
GoldenTegu Skarr
A good thing you can do is figure out what foods they like best and reward good behavior with that good along with slowly introducing your bare hand to them so they get accustomed to it. Good luck and glad to see another Goldie