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Recent content by Chrystofer

  1. Chrystofer

    Tegus femeas podem armazenar espermas ?

    sua gramática é perfeita e muito obrigado pela resposta !!!
  2. Chrystofer

    Tegus femeas podem armazenar espermas ?

    Tirei descendentes de minha tegu fêmea na temporada passada e, desde então, ela não teve mais contato com outro macho. Recentemente, observe que sua barriga está inchada e ela está adquirindo uma forma de "pêra". existe uma possibilidade de ela botar ovos nesta temporada sem visto um macho o ano...
  3. Chrystofer

    Jade has strange skin.

    Good afternoon, hoke in the morning I noticed these bruises on Jade and she is about to change her skin for a while, even with the warm baths she hasn't released anything yet. And this picture of her baby is when it came to my hand with a skin change problem, and it has been 4 months, my doubt...
  4. Chrystofer

    I need guidance with my tegu!

    good morning folks, my tegu is a long time without making the change and his skin started to get a little dry, but he sees some spots on the tip of his nose and the syrup and this is worrying me, can you tell me if it's normal? I bathe in the bath almost every day and it remains dry. . . My...
  5. Só o rabinho

    Só o rabinho

  6. Lanche foi grande

    Lanche foi grande

  7. Odin de olho

    Odin de olho

  8. Jade e Flores

    Jade e Flores

  9. Minha gordinha

    Minha gordinha

  10. Solzinho


  11. Linguinha


  12. Chrystofer

    I would like a small confirmation

    Good morning guys, I'm a little inexperienced with you and I got my first Red here in Brazil. I read a lot and saw several pictures of how to see the sex of the web visually and apparently mine is a female. I would like to have confirmation from someone more experienced if you really are a female.