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Recent content by dragonmetalhead

  1. dragonmetalhead

    questions about my columbian b&w

    What is considered obese for a Colombian? Kodo weighs between 3 and 4 pounds and there is space between feedings.
  2. dragonmetalhead

    I need help urgently !!

    I say take him to the vet.
  3. dragonmetalhead

    Drowning Dragon and How I Dealt with It

    What a harrowing ordeal! Good for you for keeping cool in the face of danger. Poor Labyrinth, glad he's alright.
  4. dragonmetalhead

    Feeding larger whole prey items

    Wings and feet are really only good for the calcium in the bones, as there's not much actual flesh on them. I'd give your tegu the head, brains are a nice treat.
  5. dragonmetalhead

    Feeding advice needed for new baby

    Give the tegu some time to settle in. It's very stressful for animals to be in a new environment and stress tends to put them off food. If you've only had it two days, it's still likely stressed. You should not remove a tegu from its burrow, as this pisses them off and sets back the taming...
  6. dragonmetalhead

    Too big to burrow.

    Kodo sleeps out in the open sometimes, too, although he's usually burrowed under his water dish.
  7. dragonmetalhead

    Hibernation Question

    I have a Colombian who is quite tame and friendly. They're high-strung lizards to be sure, but Kodo has never displayed any aggressive behavior and is a wonderful pet. If you are willing to put in the time, effort, and money, they are very rewarding animals to keep.
  8. dragonmetalhead

    Adult Colombian tegus?

    Kodo is a bit over three feet. No idea how much he weighs but I'm guessing 3 to 5 pounds.
  9. dragonmetalhead

    Adult Colombian tegus?

    Here's a pic of Kodo lying on the couch.
  10. dragonmetalhead

    New people and the cute act

    Kodo has been known to pose for a crowd on occasion.
  11. dragonmetalhead

    what to say

    What a heartbreaking story. Kodo and I wish to send you our sincerest condolences over your loss. From the story, it really does sound like the vet screwed up. Have you contacted the clinic to tell them your tegu died on the way home?
  12. dragonmetalhead

    Entertaining Beardies

    That's a great shot. Just be careful taking them outside; I know several people who have had hawks snatch up their beardies.
  13. dragonmetalhead

    Tegu's and other animal's

    Kodo and my dachshunds get along fine, but I don't leave them alone together.
  14. dragonmetalhead

    Serious update on my boys!

    Nice tegus you got there. What are you feeding them?
  15. dragonmetalhead

    Vegas Thread

    Hand feeding is a calculated risk. You have to really know your animal before attempting it. I hand feed Kodo on occasion, and he seems to know my fingers aren't food. I offer food either on my flat palm, as with a horse, or as large enough pieces where I can put significant distance between the...