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Recent content by Nira

  1. Nira

    Keeping tegus on a budget, how to save money!

    Those are some very smart ideas. For my tegu I modified a big used display case for her cage and it works great.:tegu:
  2. Nira

    New hear

    Nice to meet you and your tegu. :tegu:
  3. Nira

    Harnesses for small tegus (niles is 18")

    It looks like it fits him good and it also looks very cute on him.:)
  4. Shopping lizard

    Shopping lizard

    Nira loves shopping.
  5. Nira

    Who would win in a fight? Tegu or savy?

    Welcome to Tegu talk. I am glad to have a funny person like you on Tegu talk:)
  6. Nira

    Greetings from another newbee

    You can make a sometimes tell when they are around 3 or 4 months ( that's about how old mine was when I got her). But 30 inches is about when you can accurately tell there gender.
  7. Nira

    Greetings from another newbee

    Hi welcome to Tegu talk:tegu:. I would Recommend a Argentina Tegu,They seem nicer than Colombian Tegus ( no offence to Colombian Tegu lovers). If you just want to watch your Tegu more than touch it Colombian Tegus would be good. If you get a Argentina Tegu you could get a female They don't get...
  8. Nira

    Hello everyone im new here

    Welcome Luis. I hope you and your Tegu:tegu: love this page as much as I do.:D
  9. Nira

    Hi I am just another Tegu lover. I own one Argentine black and white tegu. her name is Nira...

    Hi I am just another Tegu lover. I own one Argentine black and white tegu. her name is Nira. Nira is my precious baby. She is so sweet.