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    seahorse wanted

    foster and smith has 2 types in their liveaquaria.com section.
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    Pheonix Herp Society

    These are all from the Pheonix Herp Society [attachment=2937] These pics don't do justice to the animals. Not sure what this was but was amazing. [attachment=2938] Albino tegu or some kind of morph. [attachment=2939] Supposedly a blue they have for breeding. I would take more but a lot...
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    Pheonix Herp Society

    Not sure if this is in the right forum topic or not. Just wanted to know if anyone has heard of them or been there before. Pretty amazing place in my opinion. Supposedly one of only two accredited reptile/exotic animal, sanctuary/rescue in the U.S. So if there is an major criminal bust...
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    what did they do to this tortoise?

    I agree with putting it down, the shell is just gonna get worse as it grows. It only takes a little kink in their shell for it grow in the wrong direction, which leads to pain and early death.
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    humorous article: scaring the sh"t out of the masses!

    Most, if not all the info in there is true. The way they explain it sounds a little dramatic but it would happen if an actual population of snakes started on one of the islands. The birds are already under attack from mongoose that were intentionally released.
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    New Member Cant find B&W hatchlings So Cal

    Check out freedom reptile rescue. They are a so-cal rescue that I talked with at the San Diego expo and the person I talked to said there are a couple breeders in the area so they get tegus all the time. They had two adults with them at the show.
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    any blues for sale or can put on hold?

    There is a proven breeding pair actually for sale on fauna last I looked. http://www.faunaclassifieds.com/forums/showthread.php?t=258326 Found it.
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    wanted, wellington green gecko.

    http://the-lizard-lounge.com/content/library/news/return-of-the-native.asp Recent sightings in the wild. Hopefully the people working with the sanctuary can a population going. They are pretty cool looking, the pics I saw reminded me almost of a salamander.
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    I have a question about Tegus, Do You have the answer im searching for?

    I thought golds were just another name for columbian? At least that is what I have read.
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    Grand Cayman Iguana aka Blue Iguana

    I read somewhere that the largest problem for them is competition. Green iguanas and feral cats/dogs were introduced to the island as pets. The green iguanas have had a huge population increase because they can escape cats and dogs easily. Blues are slower moving because they did not have any...
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    Post the most beautiful snake!!!

    There is an amazing looking jungle carpet python at a local shop here, the black on her/him is so dark it's like midnight black velvet.
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    Whats your favorite herp convention?

    The san diego one was kinda meh. Too many morphs of leopard geckos and ball pythons taking up the room.
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    New Sav

    Probably the most common rescue monitor, at least from what I have seen which in large part has to do with how inexpensive a young one costs. Strange, are you going to house yours in a 8x4 like you would a Tegu? Once it gets bigger I mean.
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    New Sav

    what ratio do you use for the mulch/earth mix? or do you just eye it?