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  1. L

    8x4x4 enclosure ideas? wood preferred. diy stuff

    Just got my red tegu today. He is a year old and I have realized a resounding how big hes going to get. So I wanted to have a cage that I can put in my enclosure. Anyone has plans for a tegu enclosure? Looking for stuff with like bracing for extra sturdiness. Wanting to know how to seal the...
  2. rantology

    Darrow's adult enclosure! [custom build]

    Hey yall! I wanted to share Darrow's newly completed custom enclosure. My husband and I built it together over the course of a month while sheltering from Covid19. We've never built anything of note before so it was a learning experience & I'm pretty proud of the result! Anyway, enough...
  3. G

    Poseible solution to the dreaded 55 gallon tank issue.

    This morning my bearded dragon started nose rubbing wanting to be let out. The poor sucker has trouble turning around in the cage i adopted him in (he was given away by someone inable to care for him anymore) because it's only a foot wide. Without the accesories he's okay but its still cramped...