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for sale

  1. teguwhisperer1967

    I got TAME ADULT tegus ready for new homes!

    See the adorable tegus here: https://www.morphmarket.com/stores/leopardgecko1967/
  2. M

    Juvenile Caiman Lizard For Sale

    Looking for a good owner to rehome as I go to college. Located in McAllen/Austin, TEXAS His name is Kai and he is perfectly healthy. Unfortunately I do not have the time or required space to maintain him. He is target trained and can be handled with consistency. He is slightly bigger than the...
  3. Skippymaxwell4

    Looking for ENCLOSURE

    Looking for AT LEAST 7x3x3 or BIGGER enclosure with spots for the lights! I know people here have just the right thing for my tegu, I need it quick and I’d prefer if you went east on me with the price pls let me know ASAP!
  4. S

    Adult Argentine B&W Tegu FS $200

    Looking to sell my tegu. He is approximately three years old. Not the friendliest but will tolerate some handling. Need to have an enclosure available. No shipping available, i am located in Connecticut. I can meet halfway depending on the circumstances.
  5. T

    Year old male b&w tegu

    hi! I have a male b&w that Im looking to rehome. He was most likely caught as a baby down in South Florida where I live so he does have some old scars as well as some cool orange and yellow coloring on his back. He’s not really aggressive, I would say he has a normal temperament for a tegu his...
  6. Zach Johnson

    Argentine B&W Tegu for sale

    I have had my tegu for just over two years and being that I’m going to be going off to college soon I can’t bring her. I am asking 400 for her, her grow tent and supplies. I’m located in Bloomington Minnesota. Thanks
  7. JoshD

    Quail Eggs - $5 Dozen

    We have fresh, fertile quail eggs available in the San Fernando Valley area of SoCal. These are completely organic & are amazing lizard food. $5 Dozen. We also hatch out chicks every 3 weeks. $3 Each. Discounts for scheduled or regular orders.