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Can someone tell me what he is?

Can someone tell me what he is?

Looks like an Argentine to me!

Also sorry if I’m wrong but did you fill the bottom of your enclosure with water? If so that may cause the substrate to rot and mold which could be harmful for your tegu at such a young age. I would definitely keep an eye on it and if you notice mold or the smell of rot, change out the substrate and switch to misting your enclosure to keep humidity up with maybe a bit of moss. C:
@Kaiju Prince yea not full but a decent amoulnt of water. I had a theory and i was right. He was only spending time under the substrate and i figured its cause it was moist, so i put a little extra to bump up the humidity cause the sprays i was doing were drying up too fast and he was shedding. But the water dried up and he shedded perfectly! And he doesnt spend as much time hidden, so he can actually start to get used to seeing me.
Oh alright! Hopefully he’ll start to get more comfortable with you! Kaiju was going through the same kind of jumpiness when he was shedding just because he was hiding so much but once they start spending more time out and the can actually get a good look at you while you go about your day they calm down.

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