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Recent content by Barbara Whyman

  1. Barbara Whyman

    Need another lizard.

    Check out reptile keepers forum on face book. This week someone was looking to re home 3 monitors
  2. Barbara Whyman

    Do tegus have sensitive tails? Mine is jumpy when i touch his tail

    My tegu does not like his upper tail around his back legs and just below touched and his legs and feet he will raise up when just that area is touched I think it’s a natural fear and response because if a predator attacks that’s where they are most likely to grab them . He loves his back and...
  3. Barbara Whyman

    Why does he poop so much!

    I do not know why Dylan said that about natural sunlight but my tegu loves to bask in the sun with no problem or change in him
  4. Barbara Whyman

    Why does he poop so much!

    Reptilinks that has whole prey ground up into sausage like links and frozen rats or mice will give him a better balanced diet
  5. Barbara Whyman

    Baby tegu not eating insects

    Tegu owners need to realize that tegus are not arboreal and having heavy low long bodies they feel unbalanced and out of control when picked up and respect that
  6. Barbara Whyman

    Baby tegu not eating insects

    I have 7 lizards and a kingsnake the other 4 lizards are insect eaters I have 2 bearded dragons they are the friendliest easy to handle my older one gos to work with me my tegu is calm and laid back totally trusts me but being large and not comfortable being picked up I do not handle him just...
  7. Barbara Whyman

    Baby tegu not eating insects

    Hope your tegu likes them ,reptilinks has made feeding my tegu, monitor and blue tongue skink so much easier they all love them and i feel I am giving them the best nutrition
  8. Barbara Whyman

    Baby tegu not eating insects

    My tegu stopped eating bugs when he was full grown but I feed him reptilinks the 50 50 whole meat with organ meat and organic vegetable, whole frozen thawed rats and frozen whole quail with micro greens mixed in he eats it all ,that gives him a good balanced diet
  9. Barbara Whyman

    Advice on Stubborn Tegu? Suggestions Needed

    My tegu is about 4 years old so full grown and I know he does not like being picked up our held it is uncomfortable for him and he feels imbalanced they are not arboreal so I except he is not a pet to be held out of respect to him I can lay on the floor with him and pet him so he is comfortable...
  10. Barbara Whyman

    Tegus eyes shut

    When my tegu recently did not open his eyes it was just the skin around his eyes shedding I just brushed it off and he was fine hopefully yours is that miner a problem
  11. Barbara Whyman

    DIY Cage questions

    I buy large black slate cheese platters from amazon they have worked perfectly for basking stones
  12. Barbara Whyman

    Tegu not eating enough?

    I feed reptilinks since they have organic vegetables mixed in and they are easy to feed and complete nutrition, none of my lizards will eat vegetables my beardy will sometimes eat blueberries and my blue tongue likes papaya and my tegu only meat so I also put micro greens on top of there food...
  13. Barbara Whyman

    Why is it that my tegu poops on me every time

    All reptiles do not want to poop in there area so that’s why he goes when removed from his habitat my tegu has my whole apartment to roam but my bedroom is his territory so he goes to the bathroom in the bathroom or living room my bearded dragon will not go in my apartment at all I have to take...
  14. Barbara Whyman


    My tegu, blue tongue skink and Timor monitor loves the reptilinks the mega blend blue tongue blend and mini qual for the monitor I am happy I found them it has made feeding them so much easier only my bearded dragon will not eat them
  15. Barbara Whyman

    What type of Tegu is this?

    Definitely a black and white Argentina tegu