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Recent content by Beazer

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    Check this out

    Lol, definitely fake. Its probably used to scare pigeons and stuff. Or just weird out the neighbors, lol. Kinda reminds me of V. griseus. -Jon DeLong
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    Tons of Dubias (colony for sale)

    I am selling my Blaptica dubia roach colony because I am now starting school and no longer am keeping my monitors/geckos. This is a fully established colony with slightly over 200 adults and Im going to estimate over 2,000 small (just born)- large (a molt away from adult) nymphs, maybe even...
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    Rubber Boas

    Awesome little guys and thats a pretty cool set up. I love the way they feel too lol. -Jon DeLong
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    New Water Dragon (sad case)

    I have worked with quite a few animals that have come in with mouth rot. It can even be a manifestation of URI or weakened immune system. Hydrogen peroxide works great, but sometimes thats just treating the symptoms. Antibiotics may be in order, however they can be very harsh on a sick...
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    savy wont poop.

    What kind of set up do you have? Under tank heaters really arent that useful for monitors. If you can, get a redlight or something and put it on one side of the tank so it can bask. You want the basking area around 125F (some say up to 140F). Also, how much/how often are you feeding it and...
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    do any monitors eat mainly meat like a tegu?

    It really depends on the monitor. A varied diet is the best diet. A lot of your smaller monitor species require mostly insects, snails, other reptiles, and such. The biggest mistake made with monitors is too much of a rodent diet. Even the larger monitor species do better with a varied diet...
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    can i feed my sav every day?

    Most people do not properly care for their monitors and over feeding is one of the number 1 things they do. The key is to pay attention to their waist line. If they are looking a bit thin (thinner than lean) then give em a good meal and figure out from there a good diet. If you feed these...
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    Cute turtle. Glad shes in good hands now. -Jon DeLong
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    Black Rough Neck Monitors?

    Asian markets carry a lot of the fish stuff. The silver sides you can get from the freezer at a marine fish store, just read the ingredients to make sure nothing is added. Button quail (and eggs) you can breed your own. They breed fast and the eggs you buy to hatch out off the net are...
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    Black Rough Neck Monitors?

    They are pretty kick butt in my opinion. One of the more underrated monitor species. They can be outgoing, they seem quite smart, they do not like to be restrained so when you handle em, let them do the work. Humidity you have to watch out, its just best to supply a (huge) humid hide and...
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    Monitor recommendation?

    I agree with Chelvis, go with a Timor or get a pair of Timors. Similis might work good in there, but I cant remember if they require more height. Ackies are cute, but im a pure freak and I dont trust Ackies blood in the US lol. -Jon DeLong
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    savanah care sheet?

    That sucks but howd they manage to kill it that fast? Savannahs take a beating even with improper husbandry. I would say though, really read up on the savannahs or any other monitor you are interested in before buying and make the cage ready for a few days before hand. Best of luck on your...
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    Timor Issues

    Hey, sorry it took so long for this response and its a little late. Im suprised nobody has lol. The best way to go about Timors is to not "force" them to see you so much. It doesnt give them time to relax. Put them in a room and only go in to check on their water, feed, and do their...
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    other members of "the reptastic crew"

    That Uro pic is priceless, lol. Cute lookin critters you got. -Jon DeLong
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    Caiman lizard

    We had a member on here with them, you might be able to track him down by the posts. From my understanding they are actually easy to care for despite their reputation. I think the part people found the hardest for them was supplying clean water and their diet (containing apple/mystery snails)...