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    Argentine or cahoan?

    As far as I know there are only argentine reds. Looks like an argentine red from the pictures too
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    Mister/Fogger Questions

    I just looked on Amazon and found the cheapest 4L one I could works great. I refill it about every other day to every 3rd day. Works perfect for my tegu
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    Male or female

    My tegu is probably about the same age and I couldn't tell by looking for that. The way I found out mine was male is be looking at him when he went to the bathroom. If there are 2 things that stick out for a second then go back in its a male. Hope this helps.
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    Breed of tegu

    I bought it through a pet store in CT called amazing animals. The owner special ordered it for me from someone in Texas. I don't know where. I was just curious if it was a mix so thank you for the guess.
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    Breed of tegu

    I bought a black and white tegu a few months back. Probably about 6 months or so old now and on his sides I'm starting to see orange spots become more obvious could I have a mix or is this normal for black and whites. Also the underside has some orange as well