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  1. BucknerCrestExotics

    Not sure what just happened..

    He was tasting you. Sounds wierd but they are just figuring you out
  2. BucknerCrestExotics

    What am I doing wrong?

    First thing I think of is hydration. Is she drinking and If that has slowed down too then I would check her mouth. She may have an issue going on with her mouth rather its abscess, a bad tooth, scratch that is irritated ect. If a animal is dehydrated it wont eat or eat very little. Canned cat...
  3. BucknerCrestExotics

    Securing you light set ups nice and tight tegus can jump!

    I didn't I had the lamp hoods resting on the lid wire
  4. Looking bred

    Looking bred

    My purple Female is looking bred. Paired her with a pure blue het albino male
  5. BucknerCrestExotics

    Securing you light set ups nice and tight tegus can jump!

    2 days ago I went to go check on my reptiles in the reptile room which is my garage. I frequently check on them about every hour or so. I could smell the smoke before I opened the door. One of my tegus had jumped and flipped a lamp that was not zip tied down and I had a cardboard box of heat...
  6. BucknerCrestExotics

    Heat Bulbs

    That is what I use
  7. BucknerCrestExotics

    New member here :)

    Your doing The right thing by getting connected and getting some research done
  8. BucknerCrestExotics

    New member here :)

    Who ever doesn't like tegus is weird. We are completely normal:cool::p in our own weird way
  9. BucknerCrestExotics

    Who else has a snake

    I have Kenyan sand boas as well. An anery stripe granite juvenile female and a albino juvenile male. Hopefully this year I can pick up some rough scales and some false water cobras..... and some IJ carpets
  10. 1 inch thick horse matts for bottom of enclosure

    1 inch thick horse matts for bottom of enclosure

    Mochi helping me place 1 inch thick rubber horse matt on the bottom of the tegu enclosures to make sure the tegus are not on concrete
  11. In door breeding enclosures

    In door breeding enclosures

    Each enclosure is 6'×8'×3' houses 3 adult tegus i am able to place divider in to make 2 female enclosures for individual nesting
  12. Mushu


    My big Blue girl Mushu. Picture does her not justice because she is Robin egg blue
  13. Tegu pile

    Tegu pile

    Couple of blues basking
  14. Mochi


    Female Pure blue
  15. One of my reds

    One of my reds

    Juvenile Argentine red