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    Vacation Advice

    I have left my "adult" with no problem for 4-5 days after feeding him. I was moving and had no one that I trusted, or that wanted to do the job. He was fine, but glad to see me return. My recommendation would be to stick to that amount of time. I was confident about his enclosure, but that's...
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    New tegu owner looking for advise.

    You're on your way - he's a lucky guy!
  3. Debita

    New tegu owner looking for advise.

    So - it sounds like a true rescue. Awesome that you're doing that! What comes to mind after reading your post is that he is docile for now, because of being poorly kept. We can hope that he was brumating, but you'll never know at this point. At 30", he needs a basking light to start, of 110...
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    In a situation where they are already freaked out because they don't enjoy change, you have to let him lead you back. He's not going to hate you forever, but it's a set back. Good advice from LizardStudent - leave him alone, and as he realizes he's not dead, attacked by wild prey, or falling...
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    I’ll Draw your Tegu

    Made mine too!!
  6. Debita

    I’ll Draw your Tegu

    OH MY GOSH!!!! You did it! That's how I saw them together - he was so calm and happy with her....DON'T CHANGE A THING!!!!!!!! :D Once again, you got them both....their essence. Thanks soooo much. This was fun.
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    Different Morph?!...

    Both of my wild-caught Florida B/W's have the fire-belly. Seems to me that my males is fading....a lot. Probably diet.
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    New Theme and Logo

    Looks like you did a great job!
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    Wait, how do you even dispose of "old" substrate??

    No need to sweat over it - if you have to spot clean....a trash bag in the dumpster is the best place for it. I don't know who started the 3 month thing, but they probably don't have a Tegu. Also - I don't use soil. I do use Repti-bark, but my adult Tegu almost never digs in it because he has...
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    Tegu stole my lunch

    I had to respond to the funniest title "my tegu stole my lunch" since I've been on this forum for the last 3 years. Lol... Here's my two cents on your experience... We're caring for wild animals when we take in a Tegu. They have instincts that are wild, and have not been domesticated as of...
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    I’ll Draw your Tegu

    You're good - feel better!! I'm not vaccinating yet.....
  13. Debita

    I’ll Draw your Tegu

    Any status on the other piece?
  14. Debita

    Tegu wanting to sleep with you ????

    Good luck!...Let us know how it goes! :)
  15. Debita

    Tegu wanting to sleep with you ????

    Nope, not normal. She's behaving how she wants to, and you're letting her. If children can be taught to sleep in their own bed, trust me, Tegus can. Patience, and firm behavior with Tegus.