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  1. DragonsNDoodles

    Hello TeguTalk!!

    Thanks! No clue. The scars were actually already healed over when I got him, but the tail was freshly dropped. 4 other male tegus were found in the same vicinity (1 other blue, 2 black and whites, and one red), and the red was extremely beaten up. He ended up being adopted by an exotic vet...
  2. DragonsNDoodles

    Hello TeguTalk!!

    Hi everyone!! I've had my blue tegu for one year now. His name is Salty, and I pulled him out of my local animal control center after he was caught roaming a residential area. The pest control guys who caught him caused his tail to drop, and it hasn't grown back unfortunately. This does make...
  3. DragonsNDoodles

    Where'd you purchase your blue!

    Mine is from my local animal shelter. He was caught by a pest control company in a neighborhood. He's a good boy though!!