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  1. Dude Bro Man 433

    Overweight Tegus, the hows, the risks and how to avoid it.

    Try sticking to rodents one a week, I’d feed mice over pinkies , then once he gets to jumbo mice switch him to small rats. Salmon is another good staple. Helps with shedding and good fat content .
  2. Dude Bro Man 433

    Day cycles messed up

    Timers are a must, I keep a 75 watt on 24hrs and two other heat lamps so it hits the whole body for basking during the day, my house does get under 65.
  3. Dude Bro Man 433

    Overwhelmed with lighting

    Maybe for a blue but the bigger the better they really use the space
  4. Dude Bro Man 433

    Enclosure and lighting

    Arcadia dragon lights on Amazon with the fixture it tells you to get is pretty cheap, I have two 36 inchers running horizontally and a 125 watt uvb bulb, makes the color pop immensely and I know he’s getting his uvb when he’s not under ground .major increase in activity when I switched to Arcadia.
  5. Dude Bro Man 433

    Overwhelmed with lighting

    Get the Arcadia dragon lights on Amazon and it’ll tell you a cheap fixture to get, make sure there with in 18 inches from ground and running horizontally I also have a 125 watt uvb heat source
  6. Dude Bro Man 433

    Grow tents for enclosure.

    Everything with my grow tent is doing great. I added blocks around the front perimeter to get the 1 foot substrate towards the back.wish this site allowed videos I’ll post pics later. Added a repti fogger . 2 arcadian dragon lights And the little guy is loving it
  7. Dude Bro Man 433

    When to take to the vet?

    Not a big deal. Warm warm bath and Get your tegu to walk around. Works with snakes too . Not the walk part
  8. Dude Bro Man 433

    Grow tents for enclosure.

    I’ve been seeing videos of grow tents for tegu enclosures. They seem pretty awesome with The humidity control and live plants. I also love the price tag being a 20th of what I’m planning on spending on my tegus new home. How do you guys feel. It would most likely be a two year home for my...
  9. Dude Bro Man 433

    What kind of sand to mix with top soil.

    Enclosure is holding a good bioactive response minus the increase in darkling beetles which commit suicide in his water bowl
  10. Dude Bro Man 433

    What kind of sand to mix with top soil.

    I’ve already added sand and I’ve eliminated all shedding issues. Plus he burrows much deeper the. Before since the burrows hold better. I do understand what your saying about there respiratory response.
  11. Dude Bro Man 433

    What kind of sand to mix with top soil.

    Anybody know if this guys supposed to be in here?!
  12. Dude Bro Man 433

    What kind of sand to mix with top soil.

    I ended up spending the money and buying the reptilite calcium substrate, very dust free with install. everything turned out great, the sand is really helping out with his toes shedding.i also through in some spring tails, isopods , magnolia leave and bio active booster. Sand has also...
  13. Dude Bro Man 433

    What kind of sand to mix with top soil.

    Right now my tegu has Cyprus mulch, a little jungle mix and mainly top soil. I wanna add sand so his burrows hold up better. I’ve added iso pods and all rolly polys and other bacteria that’s supposed to help it become bio efficient. What kind of sand should I use?Will this effect the...
  14. Dude Bro Man 433

    new Tegu owner, help please is 150 watt basking lamp and a under tank heater to much for my set up .

    I through a dirty sock in his tank for a day and he’s been more calm with my had. In his tank, Im also feeding him in a seperate tank now, hopefully that helps with taming him.