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  1. IpLemons

    First Time Tegu owner, long time admirer

    It's all phone pics XD... Bismark is on calcium dusted crickets right now and I am trying mostly in vain to expand her diet (she's kind of a picky eater surprisingly...)
  2. IpLemons

    Uninterested in non-live food?

    My girl is still a baby, she has only been interested in crickets so far (calcium dusted ofc). She's been uninterested in shredded carrots, pre-killed mealworms (heads lopped off before feeding), blueberries etc. I've been meaning to try some scrambled or boiled eggs, ground turkey etc. But I...
  3. IpLemons

    First Time Tegu owner, long time admirer

    I'm Krista, I'm 22 and a college student, long time reptile keeper and enthusiast. I have a small obsession with studying the Varanus and Tupinambis genus (although I have yet to own any monitors I've had the pleasure of caring for them as a department manager over reptiles). You can't beat...