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    Every other day Baths help soften shed

    Every other day Baths help soften shed
  2. ItzBing

    Any active forums?

    I just got back on here , I’m trying to see too lol. So far it’s cold out here lol!
  3. ItzBing

    Cheap blue tegus - Trustworthy?

    She’s gorgeous
  4. ItzBing

    Golden Tegu owner!

    Very true, but I have learned that by letting him smell my hand right as I put it in the enclosure he knows it’s mommy and is fine, he is two now an I had him since 6 months but it’s SO worth it, don’t let people discourage you saying goldens are NUTS cuz they can be craycray but they have sweet...
  5. ItzBing

    Golden Tegu owner!

    Spend a lot of time with it in a small space so it can get to know you they are pretty awesome!
  6. ItzBing

    Tegu life ...

    Tegu life ...
  7. ItzBing

    What type of Tegu is this?

    Look like b&w tegu. Here is my golden/Colombian tegu at 10months
  8. ItzBing

    Tegu can't be handled at all?

    What do your tegus look like now since it’s been a while? Keep your routine it gets easier! My Golden tegu Onyx is 10 Months old an was very jumpy an hissy till like a month ago an he just started letting me hold him and pet him.
  9. Tame tegu

    Tame tegu

    Onyx the tegu
  10. Snuggling


    With mom
  11. Golden boy Onyx

    Golden boy Onyx

    Day out in about.
  12. Golden boy Onyx

    Golden boy Onyx

    Early mornin Snuggles
  13. ItzBing

    Gold Tegu Taming Process?

    U already seem to have a bond with the lil guy so I would keep that going an adopt the golden. Mine is 10 months old an I thought he was untamable but he is calm an we hold him an keep him around us to Rome on harness.
  14. ItzBing

    What is this skin spot?

    Looks like a birth mark, I wouldn’t worry unless it changes texture or color. Cute tegu!!
  15. Onyx 7months old

    Onyx 7months old

    Finally eating again after four weeks. Only wanted eggs