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  1. Josh

    Tame time

    Welcome to the forum! It will take many months for her to calm down a bit. Be patient. Time is on your side. Babies are always skittish. Even beardie babies are! Pay attention to her and give her space when she isn't having it. Be patient patient patient.
  2. Josh

    Tegu enclosure husbandry

    I used to put plastic plants in with my girl and she never gave them a second look. It should be ok. Make sure they're non-toxic and clean and that they can't easily come apart into choking hazards.
  3. Josh

    My Tegu is wiggling his tail

    @JFarina any updates for us?
  4. Josh


    He's beautiful whatever he is! IMHO the jury's out until they reach sexual maturity. Usually by 1.5-2 yrs at least
  5. Josh

    Wanted: Baby male red tegu (I am from the UK)

    I dont think we have any UK breeders on the site. Have you checked faunaclassifieds?
  6. Josh

    Uk breeders?!

    Welcome to the forum! I don't know of any tegu breeders in the UK but I'm sure if you poke around a bit you should be able to find someone who would at least know! Are you guys located near a major metropolitan area where you can find local exotic pet shops?
  7. Josh

    Baby tegu tail crooked? Help?

    Seems normal from here. But again I have 1 photo to look at.
  8. Josh

    Baby tegu tail crooked? Help?

    How old? Sometimes our bodies just succumb to the tolls of time yknow
  9. Josh

    Baby tegu tail crooked? Help?

    Welcome to the forum. The waves in the tail look pretty normal. But it's hard to tell from that picture. Can you post more photos? Or describe what you're seeing?
  10. Josh

    Help Sexing Tegus

    Welcome to the forum! Total guess but I would say in the bath pic the two on the left are female and the one on the right is male.
  11. Josh

    B&W Adult female, 4 years old, Southern CA - For sale $100

    Hope you can find her a new home asap! She's a beaut!
  12. Josh

    My tegu is not able to poop

    Welcome to the forum. Has your tegu pooped yet? A few days isn't necessarily room for concern yet.
  13. Josh

    Active Times of Day?

    They're usually doing a lot of basking and resting especially after eating. Remember they need to warm up in the morning before being active and hungry. I'd say the behavior you're describing is pretty normal tbh
  14. Josh

    Soon-to-be Keeper, Looking for Advice

    p.s. welcome to the forum!
  15. Josh

    Soon-to-be Keeper, Looking for Advice

    Handling you're going to have to take day by day sometimes hour by hour. Let the animal tell you when it's in the mood or not. And don't force it if she's not having it that day. Good plan for feeding but again be fluid enough to adapt to the animal's needs. Keep a log at first so you can...