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Recent content by Josh

  1. Josh

    Lol at the trolls, don't feed them

    Lol at the trolls, don't feed them
  2. Josh

    3 questions

    Welcome to the forum! 1) don't wake just check. 2) water only during brumation 3) not sure i understand completely
  3. Josh

    ? Painting inside pvc enclosure, yes or no?

    I'm thinking a tegu's nails might be able to scratch spray paint off of pvc though... Try the clear coat as mentioned above, maybe that will help
  4. Josh

    Male + Male together?

    I would not try this. It's too risky. Way too risky. Just letting them "meet" is risky enough. Someone's guaranteed to get hurt if you keep them together.
  5. Josh

    Tegu randomly freaks out

    I would continue to be patient with her and keep working with her. Put her back when she's over it. The next day try it for a little bit longer. Rinse and repeat.
  6. Josh

    Help! Bloated Tegu

    Have you tried another bath? Maybe a baseline vet check-up just to be sure he's in good shape?
  7. Josh

    Overwhelmed with lighting

    Remember that a wooden and glass box can be quite good at insulating
  8. Josh

    Overwhelmed with lighting

    You can use plain flood lights for heat but not uvb. Wattage depends heavily on your layout. Best to get a thermometer and experiment with the bulbs you intend on using.
  9. Josh

    Overwhelmed with lighting

    Yes I think we discussed in your other thread. Uvb lighting and a couple heat sources are recommended
  10. Josh

    Overwhelmed with lighting

    Live plants are gonna require some expensive lighting! I'd go with fake plants. Easier to clean. Less maintenance. Then you can focus on the tegus needs instead of worrying about plants.
  11. Josh

    BOGA might be in trouble

    Glad to hear it
  12. Josh

    Enclosure and lighting

    a 48" tube should be enough! just hang it down a bit because they only have a penetrating range of like 18" i think
  13. Josh

    Enclosure and lighting

    Depends entirely on the size of the enclosure. Do you have rough dimensions?
  14. Josh

    Enclosure and lighting

    Imho a fluorescent uvb tube plus a ceramic heat emitter are the ideal heat + light arrangement but everyone has different opinions
  15. Josh

    BOGA might be in trouble

    Not drinking when thirsty is thankfully one of the last symptoms before you die usually. Keep offering fresh water every so often.