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Recent content by Kijkijpi

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    Sperm plugs?

    My 8 month old tegu just defecated on the counter lol, and I think these are sperm plugs but i’m not sure.
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    7 month old tegu seems to have started guberty, how do I work with him?

    Over the past week my young tegus demeanor has changed completely, he’s becoming increasingly territorial even charging my hand whenever i put it in his enclosure and his food drive is through the roof, he ate 7 blueberries and an entire jumbo shrimp in like 2 minutes, he’s 27 inches long...
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    Updated pics of Sriracha

    You're doing awesome! Thank you so much for saving that lil mans life.
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    Baby red in constant shed

    Hey all! I got my first tegu about a month and a half ago and since I got him he has been in an almost constant shed, is this normal?
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    Size of Adult Red Male?

    Wondering what the actual size of an adult male is, I see a lot of differing information online so wondering if any owners could help me out!
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    My new baby is burrowing.

    Alright, I offered some grape and superworms and he ate about 2 out of 5 worms and most of the grape.
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    My new baby is burrowing.

    Awesome! Thank you! Also as far as feeding, I've tried a few different things but he doesn't seem to like insects, is this normal?
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    My new baby is burrowing.

    As a note, he is in shed right now and is burying himself under his moss, is it because of that?
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    My new baby is burrowing.

    Hey all! I got my first tegu yesterday and despite hundred of hours of research, there is still so much I dont know! I got a 2 month old male yesterday morning and I just let him chill in his enclosure and offered him some food and water. He did some digging around and has been buried since...
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    Looking to buy adult tegus friendly

    Underground is mostly wild caught from what I understand, seen a lot of horror stories from people buying from them. Namely on r/reptiles saw a severely malnourished uromastyx.
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    Welcoming tegus needing rehoming or for sale cheap

    Its not unreasonable to ask for money in exchange for their animal, even if there is a ban. Its predatory to try and say otherwise. Yes 600 is high but asking for money at all is completely reasonable. You will profit off this in the long run if you are planning on breeding at your sanctuary or...