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    Okay thank you!!
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    Thank you, I am getting a grow tent soon was hoping to wait till she gets a little bigger. She’s only about 14inches rn. Could you recommend some brands of top soil & cypress mulch?
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    Hi! If anyone can give me advice on how to keep humidity in a 3x2x1 glass tank w a screen top it would be appreciated. If I do not constantly spray it down during the day it will drop to 40%. Please help.
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    Hey! I am getting a baby Chacoan Whitehead soon but wanted to set up her enclosure first. I got a 3x2x2 rn (my dad is building the 8x4x4) so what kind of lights should I use for the 3x2x2? Powersun? Solar glo? What wattage? What are the exact temps ? Thank you.