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Recent content by Matthew Colella

  1. Matthew Colella

    Jumanji Picture Update

    Just a quick update on Jumanji my 1 year old argentine black and white tegu. At the time he was sleeping in the perfect position to take his picture.
  2. Matthew Colella

    Wanted: Female Blue or B&W tgeu to pair with my male

    I'm going to take a leap of faith here and try to breed some tegus. I'm looking for something around the $100-$200 price range. Thanks.
  3. Matthew Colella

    Confirmed Sex

    Took to the vet and I they probed him
  4. Matthew Colella

    Confirmed Sex

    Jumanji is, infact, a male. Now I'm just waiting for those jowls!
  5. Matthew Colella

    Outside Agression?

    No. Just the birds in the sky
  6. Matthew Colella

    Outside Agression?

    Well, yesterday I got Jumanji a new harness. He is fine with wearing it, but as soon as I take him outside and put him on the ground he goes crazy and charges me mouth gaping. He walked into my floor garden, so I bent over to get him out, and he slammed me HARD. He managed to get all my fingers...
  7. Matthew Colella

    jumanji update

    Here are just afew pics. He is now 22" and eats 1 full grown mouse every other day.
  8. Matthew Colella

    Should I Get A Chacoan?

    Already got one tegu, don't have enough room for another
  9. Matthew Colella

    looking for a box turtle

    I also posted there. Just trying to get the word out ;)
  10. Matthew Colella

    looking for a box turtle

    Hey guys, I am looking for a lil' boxie of my own so if you or anyone you know is looking to re-home a box turtle please let me know. I am in the process of making a outdoor enclosure that is 4'x6'.
  11. Matthew Colella

    Fresh Shed

    My little gu just got out of a pretty tricky shed. He looks so bright and beautiful.
  12. Matthew Colella


  13. Matthew Colella


    Hey guys, I was wondering if jowls are gender specific.
  14. Matthew Colella

    Feeder Fish?

    thanks ;)