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    Blue Tegus butt hangs out when pooping.

    Please have your vet do a fecal sample- my Gu had this issue with its rectum pro lapsing and it ended up being parasites and they gave him medicine and cleared it all up
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    Tegu with a forked tail!

    Maybe inbreeding defect? But the tail explanation above sounds pretty legit
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    I need guidance with my tegu!

    Betadine helped a lot with mine, I was probably a little more liberal with it. When in the tub I kind poured it along tail pretty liberally then made the bath the tea color to your type of description. He instinctively raised it eyes and nose above the water and just chilled out in a nice...
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    Comment by 'Merlot' in media 'The girls!'

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    Comment by 'Merlot' in media 'Good morning'

    I was gonna also ask the same. And she’s a beauty
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    Help! (aggressive and wobbly)

    I totally thought calcium deficiency for sure/ and or not proper lighting to process it effectively
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    Help! (aggressive and wobbly)

    Do you give him all the proper lighting, heat and UVA/B, have enough Supplements like calcium? How do his legs and toes look. Crooked or wierd? Not a pro, but hopefully not MBD but he’s still young
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    Tegu at the vet for prolapse

    Thank you all for the nice words! I’m just happy he’s thriving, now I need to finish his enclosure already to get him real happy lol.
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    Tegu at the vet for prolapse

    took another fecal sample 2 weeks after the last dose of meds and NO MORE WORMS!!! Guys please, if your tegu gets a prolapse, and you fix it yourself like it did and they seem fine. Get a fecal sample right away to the vet. 50 freaking dollars I could’ve solved this issue of chronic prolapse...
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    Tegu still in hibernation- anything I can do?

    Maybe hotter to 125+ for a juvi and definitely wake up your gu gently. When they bury themselves if you can gently and successfully wake them up several times, it’s a god bonding experience. They may huff and puff and be aggressive at first, but then they start to trust you. Mine is just a...
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    How many mice has your tegu ate in one meal?

    Okay I was gonna he won’t touch a veggie but a red pepper occasionally unless I make my “own reptilinks ball” and mix it in Guys Tegus thrive on ReptiLinks. You tell the difference in there energy, skin, nails, sheds, everything
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    How many mice has your tegu ate in one meal?

    Lmao does he barely eat the veggies and fruits after the ReptiLinks are given? My boy loooves his ReptiLinks and I got the step above the one you have, maybe two above. And I need to order the larger batch for sure with less links to try to get him full on one link. Get the mega blend and add...
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    Tegu at the vet for prolapse

    So I took a decal sample to the vet, turns out he has hookworms. The vet it was fairly uncommon for tegus or lizards to get hookworms, and they sent it to another lab to verify. Got a medicine for him. He has been pooping nice good old reg huge poops now. Has not prolapsed and has been...
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    Comment by 'Merlot' in media 'yum tegu food!'

    Wholy moly! How many tegus? Where do you get your chicks, ReptiLinks.com?
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    Tegu at the vet for prolapse

    I watched a few videos where lot of people jsut use human nail clippers lol. Most tegus don’t seem to have issue at all. Heck, the vet was done literally in 8 minutes from taking him in to taking him out, they said just do it right where the nail curves down and you can do it safely and still...