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  1. rantology

    Building a barricade?!

    Mine has done similar behavior. He's trying to make himself a burrow to feel secure - I ended up putting a large flat square piece of melamine inside his hide and he absolutely loves making his burrow under it cause even though he has a hide, he likes to have something touching him directly on...
  2. rantology

    Couple questions regarding babytegu. *new owner* *newbie too*

    It's possible he may have been brumating, it is that time of year. They also go through a transition period where they will burrow and become skittish until they become familiar with their new home. They can also become finnicky eaters during this period - its all normal. Give them a few weeks...
  3. rantology

    Heating advice needed

    bit late on this but it may be worth shooting the folks at Pro Heat an email to see what the costs of getting a panel for it would be. That way you can just use the two halogens for the bask, and let the panel take care of the ambient both day and night. Then you would just need some LED or T4s...
  4. rantology

    Cage recommendations

    Don't feel too bad... I originally turned my nose up at the price of Kages and even APC seemed really pricey.... but I ended up putting so many bells an whistles on my custom build they ended up costing similar anyway lol. You won't regret Kages, those PVC enclosures are absolutely perfect for tegus
  5. rantology

    Repti links

    You can feed the smaller ones they offer, 8-12g. I started Darrow on them at this age and he did well after being "tricked" into eating them (he initially didn't want to give up his roach diet so transitioning was a little effort) - I got the tegu hatchling bundle at first but he was big enough...
  6. rantology

    Cage recommendations

    There's a few options out there, I'll list some of the places I know sell tegu-grade enclosures: https://apcages.com/ https://reptilekages.com/ https://customreptilehabitats.com/collections/custom-reptile-enclosures https://lifetimehabitats.com/ APC is likely the best value but has lead times...
  7. rantology

    New to Tegus, but not new to herps in general.

    Love the signage :p Love the unique shape, it looks like it turned out awesome!
  8. rantology

    premade meals

    A popular method is to buy ground turkey and anything else you want to add (fruits or veggies) and make a bunch of meatballs with them. Then you can freeze those and use as you like (and make them whatever size you like)- make sure you are adding calcium when you serve them. There is also...
  9. rantology

    Darrow's adult enclosure! [custom build]

    Circular cutting head, they look like this: The cheapo 20-30$ dremel kit I bought had this head in the box with it
  10. rantology

    Darrow's adult enclosure! [custom build]

    Thanks! I do have long term plants so far! (6 months) - I've updated the original post with current pictures. It's been a bit of trial and error. I've learned that Schefflera varieties are extremely hardy and that one in the back right of the enclosure has been there from the start and has gone...
  11. rantology

    Darrow's adult enclosure! [custom build]

    It's a faux rock made of acrylic I think... I just used a 20$ Dremel tool, its very easy to cut.
  12. rantology

    Help- savannah Ate rubber

    that sucks! keep an eye on the droppings and cross your fingers that he is able to pass them. If you notice any bloating or abnormal behavior be sure to have a vet appointment on standby. You are already doing soaks judging from the picture which should help keep him hydrated & encourage bowel...
  13. rantology

    Best substrate?

    I don't change the substrate and instead rely on all my critters to keep it clean. I do spot clean those big ol tegu poops but everything else (bits of food he drops or bits of waste that I miss) goes to the microfauna. Have a few places for them to hide (like small bits of cork bark and plants...
  14. rantology

    Advice needed, always burrowed never eats

    Sounds like brumation to me - RoseCity did a great brumation Q&A
  15. rantology

    Tegu Food

    Yes - salmon is good for them !