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    How to potty train

    I bought puppy pee pads when I first bought my little dragon. A year later and I can tell you she prefers to go on the pad or water bowl then her substrate. She is still young and I plan to keep it up! They are so smart!
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    Would love a current picture if you can share? I have the same question for my little one, and wondering if her whites will lighten up with age. Cheers,
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    I recommend checking out biodude.com . They are terrific and his youtube tutorials about how to care for bioactive enlosures are great. Basically once you are set up you are good to go with little to no maintenance! re: "Rinse it clean" I was referring to my water bowls. If my tegu goes potty...
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    if you have bio active boost for your plants/substrate you would be surprised how fast their waste breaks down. I added a pack of spring tails and isopods i got from www.joshsfrogs.com They reproduce very quickly! Though my little girl just goes in her second/smaller water bowl which I am...
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    I want a little scaled monkey so bad! Where did you get yours from? Cheers,

    I want a little scaled monkey so bad! Where did you get yours from? Cheers,
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    Tegu unnaturally aggressive?

    Definitely stick with tong feeding and try to be more eye to eye when doing so, so you are not hovering over like a predator. (not saying you are, just a suggestion) Also, how big is the enclosure? I would throw a couple old sweaty t shirts or clothing items in her hides or basking area so she...
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    Tegu unnaturally aggressive?

    How are you feeding her the rats?
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    Heads up I have heard that marijuana plants can be toxic if consumed by most pet reptiles. I grow as well, but in a tent completely isolated from my reptiles. Hope this helps. Cheers,
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    Colombian Black and White Tegu

    My Argentine Tegu is a 2019 hatchling (I think late Feb/ early March) and is already almost the length of your tegu if that helps. She is in shed but I can try and post a picture soon of her being handled for reference. Great looking lizard though! Cheers,
  10. Skullson

    Commercial food

    I was hesitant with reptilinks cause of the price as well, but I gotta say it was well worth it. My little one loves it and it really will fill her up for a couple days. I always mix up her diet but she loves ripping apart the links. That is actually how I got mine off solely insects. She is...
  11. Friday loves the camera

    Friday loves the camera

    She chill.
  12. Skullson

    Thank you! How old is yours?

    Thank you! How old is yours?
  13. Meet Friday

    Meet Friday

    She likes to chill with me on top of her enclosure. :)
  14. Skullson

    New tegu owner.

    Likewise! My new Tegu Friday is a few months old and growing fast! She loves when I scratch under her jaw but is still hesitant to let me hold her, or will sometime try and run away. I hope this is just due to the juvenile stage cause otherwise she is very friendly and curious.