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  1. TheOneKimchi

    Red Tegu has black tipped toungue...

    Hey everybody, My tegu kimchi has a black tipped tongue, and I'm not sure if it's normal for other tegus to have this trait. I looked at all of the other pictures, and every one of them have pink colored tongues, all the way.
  2. TheOneKimchi

    My red tegu is nervous all the time

    Where could I find this? I am having a lot of shedding problems with my baby.
  3. TheOneKimchi

    Retained Shed? Please Help!

    I got a Repti-Fogger, and it's on him nonstop, but still no shedding. Concerned.. But his arms are getting better, not as bad as it was before. But still, no shedding.
  4. TheOneKimchi

    4x8x5 in the making...

    RickyNo, what did you use to waterproof the inside of the cage to prevent bowing of the wood?
  5. TheOneKimchi

    Bioactive substrate

    This is such a cool post. I'm just now building a custom tegu enclosure (summer project). I know this thread is two years old, but it's still nice to see if anyone could help with the ingredients. What kind of gravel would be good for this?
  6. TheOneKimchi

    Retained Shed? Please Help!

    Hi everyone, My baby Red Tegu is having a little trouble shedding, even though I keep the humidity up. It's gotten pretty bad, to the point of he has cracking around his upper armpits, more pronounced on one side. I soak him daily, for about 20-30 minutes in warm water, and afterwards I...
  7. TheOneKimchi

    new tegu, fungal infection-

    Could you post pictures of the fungal infection please?
  8. TheOneKimchi

    Kimchi continuously is growing and growing!

    Kimchi continuously is growing and growing!
  9. My little baby sleeping in a plant pot

    My little baby sleeping in a plant pot

  10. Kimchi burrowing in the organic cotton washcloths

    Kimchi burrowing in the organic cotton washcloths

  11. In room

    In room

    Looking up at me
  12. Interested..


    My Kimchi Is resting in the fog
  13. Kimchi


    looking cute
  14. Kimchi


    had a cute little staring contest with me
  15. Bathtime!


    Kimchi in full shed