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    when you feed eggs...

    As a baby I remove the shell, as an adult it doesn't matter, if it has no issues with bones it has no issues with an egg shell. I was asked the same question last year by Rob from Monster Boas and gave the same advice, I assume he's following it with no issues.
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    Ground Turkey

    No you feed rodents once or twice a week, the tegu is fed daily be it egg, beef liver, ground turkey, fish etc.
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    dog cages

    climb, fall injury the end or constant nose rubbing = injury or...well you get it.
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    All Herp Media Site!

    AVS, interesting choice :P
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    none harmful disinfectant

    peracetic acid is bad mmmkay, use them separately as you do not want peracetic acid (it can be irritating or deadly depending on concentration.
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    Agama International Tegu DVD

    I talked to Bobby whom said if someone else didn't make a copy he was going to, he had a similar stance to me, Bert is no longer around if he was it would be different.
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    What is the best food to feed your tegu?

    A rounded diet as mentioned in the care sheet found both on this site's main page and the varnyard-herps website.
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    feeding bin

    They will (especially turkey) but it's not needed unless they are sick, in which ase it's usually used to try and stimulate appetite.
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    Agama International Tegu DVD

    As stated "The file won't be shared directly from here, these are my opinions not to be confused with the opinions of the site owner but you should get the idea." The discussion of file sharing is not illegal, the downloading of files is not illegal the only thing that breaks the law is when a...
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    feeding bin

    I use a rubbermaid for now, does the trick.
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    Agama International Tegu DVD

    It's copyright infringement not theft but don't get me started(<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A38734-2005Apr8.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/ar ... 5Apr8.html</a><!-- m --> and <!-- m...
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    Agama International Tegu DVD

    Someone should rip it and share over bittorrent.
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    Hi from the United Kingdom

    Welcome, hope you enjoy it here.
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    Can pine/cedar/spruce etc. be used to build the enclosure?

    pinus and picea are in the Pinaceae family but they are different subfamilies, I have never heard picea was an issue, it does have similar oils but if dried/aged it may not be near as bad as pine and/or the oils maybe somewhat different, I don't personally know as I have limited experience with...
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    Just got a B&W and have a few ???

    Step 1, where did she come from?