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  1. Selling my Enclosure and my black and white Tegu

    Selling my Enclosure and my black and white Tegu

    Hi im selling my 8'x4'x4' enclosure it only needs a door. It comes with substrate, lights, plexy glass, hinges, and a log. It has a tub inside the tank which is attached to a pipe which u can release the water. It also has vents on top and has wheels so you can move it around. With my tegu.
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    Red Argentine $125 Shipped

    dang its I was about tell friend but thanks
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    Baby Red Tegus for Sale

    plz let me know if u bread every year and have female baby for sale
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    Tegu Collection for sale (over a dozen of em)!

    hey do you have any red babies still
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    I have a lot of questions

    he also in a really small cage right now which is bad but I'm about to make his adult new its going to be 8 by 4 if hi cage has anything to do with it.
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    I have a lot of questions

    any suggestions on how to tame him bc I'm willing to put forth the effort I love him and so far he I've got him to lay down in a shelter of my clothes next to me to be fare though I put him there and how long does it take to tame a tegu
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    bearded dragon cost?

    um I would say they might be close to or a bit above 100
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    I have a lot of questions

    he has bit me ps he is my first reptile I'm hoping ur advice works bc if not I might end up giving him away
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    I have a lot of questions

    Hello my name is Wesley and I'm brand new and I have some questions about my Tegu Draco I got him at a Indianapolis reptile expo anyways Im struggling to tame him I've tried to tame him and handle him but I've had troubles like he doesn't want to be picked up he barley likes being touched in his...