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    Dang it Zeke, everytime I go to take pictures of his cage I take picture of him instead.. haha nasty, RehabRalphy! I just bought the blue hypo beardie they had for sale on kingsnake..as soon as I get him I will post some pictures!
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    He likes bananas!
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    This is Cooper at 15 months.He is showing off to a stuffed lizard..he was doing pushups,puffing his beard and walking sideways.. And this is Cooper, just sitting on the back of my couch.
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    How old are you??

    BUMP! 18!
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    Ok.Just curious.
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    My tegu is about 4 months old and 14 and a half inches..is this right for a tegu of his age?
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    Florida Flooding Is Bobby and Company Alright

    Lmao.. why can I strangly picture this?! :roll:
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    my tegu comes tommorow!

    Yeah my sugar glider is cool...I need to get her a buddy soon..
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    Welcome mortal slave to the tegus..
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    New Here

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    2008 Red Tegu Sale!!

    I love my red tegu! still huffy when getting out of the cage..but he will come too.. had a adventure yesterday when he got out of his cage.Found him in my mothers room today.. DAVE YOU KEEP ME IN MIND IF YOU GET SOME BLUE BABIES!!!
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    my tegu comes tommorow!

    im sorry for no pics!!photobucket is being stupid!! try my myspace. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.myspace.com/danceofdragons">http://www.myspace.com/danceofdragons</a><!-- m -->
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    Favorite herp?

    ahh I whould have to say out of all the reptiles I have had.. my green iguana Kiwi.He was the sweetest,calmest, best tempered reptile I have ever owned..5'6 all love. He passed away this year :(. But then I got Cooper, my bearded dragon!Now he has been fun living with and owning.. So...
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    my tegu comes tommorow!

    yay I got my red tegu today!He had to be shipped to the post office cause of the heat, and the guy working there was a complete @$$hole, but its all good!!! He was so adorable...the first thing he did is wanna bite me..it was so cute.lol. And then he ate. pics up soon!