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Recent content by Zyn

  1. Zyn

    Feeding mice type question

    It’s a part of their biology like if they want to I wouldn’t keep waking them up. Delaying it can also delay sexual maturity. But if they never go down I don’t see a problem with it either. It’s like a big reset for their system. Like a big nap their body needs to fully function.
  2. Zyn

    Feeding mice type question

    Sevys been down in her winter bin for three months I keep her in the 50s in a large Christmas tree tote in about 12 inches of reptibark and straw with a water bowl on one side. She’s 75% blue but I guess the 25% bw takes over since blues don’t normally brumate naturally. She goes down and...
  3. Zyn

    Feeding mice type question

    If your tegu can’t pass fur it’s lacking moisture in its diet. A large portion of any tegus diet should be whole prey. Sev gets multiple large rats weekly. Some people are kinda iffy about this but I grew up on a farm so whatever. The nutritional value of pinks are next to noting. They are...
  4. Zyn

    Shedding issues

    Vit D and fish oil
  5. Zyn

    General color question

    You can look at my Severus album to see her growth from hatchlings to three years old. She’s a 75% blue 25% bw so she had some green to her head. A pure blue hatchlings head will be more brown though
  6. Zyn

    General color question

    Also if you’re worried instead of feeding pinks just cut the mouse in half and feed it the two or more parts
  7. Zyn

    General color question

    You’d be surprised what they can actually swallow any mouse roughly the size of his head is fine I’d offer whole pray sooner than later. As for color blues heads start off brown and slowly turn white/black
  8. Zyn

    Please help b&w tail is cracking and starting to see in my red tegu too

    Fish oil and more fish in general added to diet
  9. Zyn

    BOGA might be in trouble

    Hey James am I correct in remembering that Boga is a blue hybrid? If true remember blues don’t normally brumate when in their natural environment. Being a hybrid if he is means he has two separate localities fighting for instinctual supremacy lol. My hybrid blue75% 25%bw did not brumate the...
  10. Zyn

    Help is my tegu ok!

    Still she looks small for a 1 year old. Is she getting whole prey? Fish, beef liver, ?
  11. Zyn

    B&W enclosure question

    They aren’t much for climbing but love falling
  12. Zyn

    How has your tegu changed with age?

    their are albums you can view under media at least for me that shows my blue hybrids growth over three years
  13. Zyn

    Weird spots on tegu

    Healed burns make sure your lamp is sending the light and heat over the area and not a small condensed area
  14. Zyn

    My huge four month old Blue- Astrid

    That’s normal blues aren’t known to eat much fruits/veggies in my females three years of life she’s only ate blue berries I dipped in beef liver blood. Also is she by chance a blue bow hybrid my females 75% blue 25% bw and looks a lot like you’re it would be explain her size but they do grow...
  15. Zyn

    Proper enclosure size?

    8x4x4 is standard minimum